Quality Systems


Quality Policy

In 1997, Electro Plast S.A. was granted the ISO 9000 by the Agencia Española de Normas (AENOR) (Spanish Standards Agency), member of the Red Internacional de Certificadores de Sistemas de Calidad (IQNET) (International Network of Certifiers of Quality Systems).    

Quality Certifications

With the Certification in 1999 of the ISO 14001, we assure our clients the high quality of our products and process, also that we are friendly to nature. Electro Plast S.A. exercises strict control over its production system to avoid contamination of the environment.


ElectroPlast S.A. was awarded with “Gran Premio a la Excelencia” (Great Prize to the Excellence) by the Camara de Industrias de Costa Rica (Costa Rica’s Chamber of Industries). We got that prize because of our excellent results in the following categories: Client Satisfaction, Management Leadership, Strategic Planning, Human Resources, Quality Systems and Quality Processes. Another significant acknowledgement for ElectroPlast S.A. was to obtain the “Gran Premio a la Excelencia” in “Nature and Environment Protection” (Categoría de Gestión Ambiental). This is another way to give evidence that we are doing our best to protect and preserve our environment. Thus, ElectroPlast S.A became the first Costa Rican industry in obtaining this noted prize, extremely rigorous in its evaluation criteria.
Certified ISO 9001
Certified ISO 13485