We built this company from the ground up

Company History

Electroplast started back in 1985 when the actual CEO and company owner, Oscar Ramirez, decided to mold plastic electric insulators to offer an option other than the ceramic ones that existed at the time; therefore the company was called Electroplast. It started with a single manual operating machine and supplied its product to the hardware stores. Mr. Oscar built the company from the ground up, starting at his parents’ garage more than three decades ago. From there, the company started suppling significant clients in the industrial and electrical industry, gaining experience and a name for the company that prepared him for the mayor leagues in injection molding, the medical industry. Today Electroplast offers molding services with 23 state of the art injection molding machines, and exports 100% of its production to major OEM’s around the world, with its focus and efforts going strong towards the clean room production areas to supply the high demands of the medical industry.
#1ourhistory Electroplast’s first mold.

Family Business

Electroplast is a proudly owned and run family business. Diego Vicente Ramirez, Mr. Oscar’s nephew, is an Electro Mechanical engineer and runs all the production side of the company, being the Operations Manager. Along with Daniel Ramirez, Mr. Oscar’s son, who looks after the business and economic side of the company, they are a well balanced team that are taking Electroplast into a global market of opportunity. Both being younger than the company itself, they grew up working in EP and have the tools and experience given to them by Mr. Oscar, and the vision and capacity of the new world order to exploit the ever growing medical industry.